About me

Once upon a time I use to be a shy individual. I dreaded speaking in front of people especially in high school.  I would skip class, so that I can avoid standing up in front of classroom to speak . The true enjoyment that I received from high school was that I was able to create long lasting friendships.

I went to Thurgood Marshall High School  in San Francisco, and I did not have any guidance whatsoever, and was not motivated to do well in high school. I even attended USF upward bound program to receive assistance on completing my high school diploma. The program gave me a small amount of confidence and brief preparation for college. Even though I attended such a wonderful program, I did not have the motivation to continue the program during my junior/senior years.  Growing up with a single mother who worked 24/7 to make a living, and not having a curfew or set rules, and education was not a priority. I was forced to take many summer and night classes to make up credits I’ve missed due to not being in class  during my freshman/junior years of high school. I started to feel even more lost and sad. I then became determine to graduate high school. The moment I graduated high school, I still did not know what I wanted to do.

As a child I ate a lot of candy, and my parents did not understand the importance of brushing teeth which resulted with many cavities, and many visits to the dentist. I grew up with silver caps on my front teeth and as a child I thought having a silver caps appeared in my mouth.  When I was about 18 years old at one of my dental appointments,  my dentist suggest that I should do research on the dental field . So I took her advice and decided that I will become a dental assistant. I tried Bryman college for one month, and that was worst experience ever.  With further research,  I applied for the San Francisco City College Dental Assisting program.

Being part of the City College of San Francisco Dental Assisting Program I was able to work with wonderful professors, and the program was structured wonderfully. My favorite part of the program is taking dental impressions, and polishing teeth. The most challenging is taking dental x-rays but eventually I mastered taking x-rays. I also took the California Registered Dental Assistant Boards, and passed the first time. I also created wonderful relationships with my classmates, and I felt the program gave me direction.

After about 5 years of experience as Registered Dental Assistant, I decided it was time to finally start working on my general education to get into a dental hygiene program. In 2010,  My husband and I moved to Oregon spontaneously,  so that our goal was for me to  focus on completing school, and also our marriage. After  9 months living in Oregon, I was pregnant, and gave birth to beautiful girl in 2011. With almost completing my dental hygiene prerequisite, and three classes short I decided to place school on hold because I was pregnant.  We decided to move back to California to be with our family.  My husband and I really wanted my daughter to grow up with her grandmothers, aunts and cousins. Moving back to California for a moment felt as if we were going backwards, and we were sadden with our spontaneous change. Moving back to California was the best decision we made.

My ultimate goal was to become a dental hygienist  and the goal of being a dental hygienist was on my mind for so long. A big part of me wanted more than being part of a dental office setting and seeing patients. I love the idea of relationship building with patients in a private office and saving the world from preventing periodontal disease, but I still did not feel satisfied.

I became student of Notre Dame De Namur University in 2012, and I am very excited to be completing my bachelors degree upcoming May. I would be the first in my family to obtain  a bachelors degree. Completing  my bacherlors degree is a personal goal of mine, and  for my children, and a goal that I’ve always wanted for a long time. The next goal, is to pursue a career that will feed the soul, and to help people. I feel like my true passion is to help the public, and to help continue awareness in oral health.




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